Tour Memories

The Summer of 2013, the Alaska Youth Choir traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland for the Fringe Festival
and performed the classic King Island Christmas for an international audience. Catch up on the highlights here!

August 9:  The King Island cast finished their last two shows today.  The audience for the last show seemed to be full of family and friends who have been in Europe.   After a bit of a break, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a place called "Merchants."  Tomorrow we're looking forward to a free day filled with sightseeing and the chance to really explore Edinburgh before we have to leave.

August 8:  Two back-to-back King Island performances left the cast dragging a bit, but the shows were beautiful and much appreciated by those who had the privilege of attending.  After the shows, the kids hit a nice local pizza place with outdoor seating and got to prove that Alaskans can handle a little rain.  After dinner, we hopped back onto the coach and got a ride to a church on the other side of town where this time the privilege was ours as we thoroughly enjoyed the Forth Children's Theatre performance of "Godspell."  The Godspell cast invited our kids backstage after their show, and after answering questions and chatting responded with thunderous applause to a quick song from AYC.  It was a good day, but the cast will sleep well tonight.  

August 7:  Today the King Islanders went out into the streets of Edinburgh to promote King Island before performing their second show.  This evening we had a wonderful Scottish dinner and then headed up to the top of the Royal Mile to see a the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, a show which was truly spectacular.  We will sleep in a little in preparation for back to back King Island performances tomorrow afternoon.

August 6:  Today was the first King Island performance of the festival.  We rehearsed, spent a couple of hours promoting the show by handing out flyers while wearing kuspuks, then performed a great show, which was very well received by the audience.  Afterward, the choristers climbed a tower and got a fabulous view of the city, ate Italian food, and watched a comedy that is being put on at the Fringe Festival.

Photos from earlier in the tour:
Greetings From Scotland

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