Parent Membership & Participation

"The success of AYC depends on parental involvement" 

- all parents are also members of the Alaska Youth Choir. There are numerous duties that parent members will need to accomplish for the Alaska Youth Choir to be successful. Parents or guardians will volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per family during the year to assist with choir events & activities.
                                                                                                                                                                - AYC Membership Handbook, pg. 9

AYC Parent Volunteer Jobs

Below is a comprehensive list of available parent jobs along with a narrative. These tasks are enjoyable & will build community within the choir & their families. If you have any questions about volunteering your time & talents, please speak with Missouri or Linda (209-3003). 

AYC Parent Booster Club

The purpose of the AYC Parent Booster Club is to provide support for the AYC choir and to promote the value of choral music at all levels in the Juneau community.

The specific functions of the AYC Parent Booster club are as follows:

*To raise funds through a variety of fundraisers to support activities approved by the Board and Artistic Director
*To provide volunteers for activities and local performances
*To provide enthusiastic moral support for the choir and its leaders.

Alaska Youth Choir,
Oct 3, 2013, 9:17 AM